Welcome to LMK Photography. I am a landscape photographer from Ireland, based close to  stunning Donegal and the amazing North Coast of Northern Ireland. Through my photographs I aim to capture the nature of these varied landscapes as well as the urban structures of my home town.

For me photography is not about a place or a location, it's about the mood, the emotion and the feeling you get when viewing the beauty many of us often look past or take for granted. My favourite time of the day is the last hour, just before sunset and the effect the end of day light has on my subjects or landscapes when I'm shooting them.

It's probably the graphic designer in me that draws me towards simple yet striking forms in the landscape and I often draw on repetition and bold layering of colour and textures in my shots.

Photography is a passion for me. I take pride in a meticulous approach to the craft and firmly believe that quality is everything. I was inspired by my late Grandfather who spent his life loving art and photography and loved to photograph our fabulous Irish landscape. Its only now I fully understand the beauty he used to see when we were away on trips.

I always strive to technically take the best pictures I can and often try to find that unique view that other's sometimes miss. I'm not afraid to experiment and use different techniques to make my pictures look as good as they possibly can.

I still learning new things every day, so I hope you will see my photo's improve as the weeks, months and years go past.

I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I did taking them.

Lee McKinney